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Propaganda(s) da Guerra Civil 


Data: 1939
Medidas: 33 x 69 cm

[OBS] - Editado em Zaragoza, um cartaz de Arribas que apela à determinação da união nacionalista na Europa. Em período de pré-guerra mundial, a agitação em torno das alianças político-militares fazia-se, também, na propaganda difundida.


Judeus na Guerra Civil 

O Nuno Guerreiro, do Rua da Judiaria, envia um contributo escrito sobre a participação de judeus na Guerra Civil espanhola. Como o próprio escreve na sua mensagem, perante o anti-semitismo crescente nos fascismos europeus, o conflito espanhol transformou-se numa necessidade imperativa para muitos judeus, especialmente os europeus e americanos. Devido à extensão dos textos originais, aqui ficam as ligações directas e o convite ao envio de mais informação sobre o tema:

«Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War saw the conflict as an opportunity to fight against international oppression. 'For the first time since Fascism began systematically throttling and rending all we hold dear', wrote Gene Wolman, a volunteer from New York, 'we are getting the opportunity to fight back.' [...]»

Fonte: ALBA - Educational Modules

«[...] It is now 60 years since he and thousands of other young men and women from Europe and North America left their homes to fight fascism in a foreign land. Almost 3,000 of those in the International Brigades were Americans; they became known as the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, of which some 900 died in action. Many brigade members were Jewish. [...]»

Fonte: J, the Jewish news weekly of Northern California


Da universidade da Flórida do Sul 

Chega a informação de que está em linha parte da história da participação de afro-americanos na Guerra Civil de Espanha.

«The story of African American volunteers in the SCW on the WWW

The story of African American volunteers in the Spanish Civil War s now on the World Wide Web.

As part of its ongoing web based educational series "For Your Liberty and Ours," ALBA had just released a new multimedia educational tool on African Americans in the Spanish Civil War. Free and accessible to all, "African Americans in the Spanish Civil War" is available at: http://www.alba-valb.org/curriculum/index.php?module=2

Co-authored by William Katz, Fraser Ottanelli and Chris Brooks, "African Americans in the Spanish Civil War" traces the experience of this group of US volunteers from their involvement in the political and social struggles of the 1920s and early 1930s to their decision to pursue their struggle against exploitation and racism on the battlefields of Spain. A final section traces their continued activism through the 1990s.

Of particular interest to educators and students are the short biographies (most of them with accompanying photographs) of every African American volunteer, the list of suggested readings for additional research, and the special section "Ask the Experts linked to hundred of scholars of the Spanish Civil War. In addition, "African Americans in the Spanish Civil War" makes available for the first time a complete (and downloadable) copy of Walter Garland's FBI file.


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